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Once known as The Rack Productions Group, three partners carry on the mission of producing music with clarity and promoting a real music scene for original music in the New York Tri-State area. BNK Productions provides live sound, production, lighting, video, photo, and recording services for small format engagements/events. For over 6 years we have been providng weddings, clubs, speaking engagements/seminars, charity events, and others with clear, dynamic sound production through our high tech systems. We believe clarity makes your event more effective. We can record up to 32 tracks of music/speech in a live setting digitally and produce this audio according to your needs. We also provide video recording or broadcasting. Outdoor weddings are so much better when your guests and loved ones can hear you. We serve small clubs and restaurants, event/banquet halls, bands, corporations and others.We stand behind the best music in the area and bring it around the world! If you’re looking for a live sound contractor for your gigs/shows/lecture/wedding/events send us a message or give us a call.
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This video was done by our pal Chris Bro of NEXT Music

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NEXT Music
Helping You Find Your Next New Favorite Thing

The Historical Inebriant
“When you’re thinking of drinking but just aren’t sure…THI provides a Day by Day Calendar for Justifiable Imbibition”

DSB Photo (Formerly Focus In Digital)
Photography by Douglas Berofsky

Alternative Control
Music blog on the heavy side

Captain Lawrence Brewery
Oddly enough our favorite venue also brews our favorite beers. Visit their tasting room and find out how good it is, or catch a show like the NEXT Music Charity Concert Series.

Sachyn Mital
Amazing photography