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About Us

BNK Productions has been providing small to medium music production and talent booking in the Tri-State area for 6-years. Originally working at The Rack ‘N’ Roll Cafe where we were charged with creating a true original music scene. Our combined talents in marketing, and production made the Rack a common name for artists and audiences nationwide. Currently BNK Productions works CT, NY, and NJ for small to medium engagements with near 500 attendance. (read our booklet) (view our portfolio page)


Music Production

Our music production capabilities start with our small to medium format sound system. This system is the ultimate high tech system in a compact format capable of delivering up to 12,000 watts (or more) of clear house audio with up to 3,000 watts of stage monitoring . This system is computer controlled, and monitored with wireless networking allowing us to fine tune from any point in the room. Our main configuration is all digital with 24 tracks (also expandable) that can be independently recorded in full HD digital. We also carry a full compliment of microphones and direct input devices (Sure, Sennheiser, Audix…) allowing us to adjust to just about any performance.


Matt performs in Wilton, CT


Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties

If you’re planning a wedding and you need a DJ, we have the best party DJs in the business! Our Djs are organized entertainers that know how to run a wedding reception or party. Or maybe you’re planning with a band, or a band and DJ. We tie them together and make it sound right. Impress people with your music at your wedding with properly mixed and organized music. Wireless mics are also available for the spoken moments of your important day. And, you could capture those spoken moments digitally for whenever you wish to reminisce about that special day. Outdoor weddings benefit greatly with discrete microphones allowing your guests to hear every moment.


Or maybe you’re having a private or public party and you wish to have a true sound system for your bands/DJs. Having a speaking engagement for your employees or stock holders and you don’t want to sound like you’re addressing them through a tin can? We’ll make you sound like the professional you are.


Band Promotion/Bookings

Our experience is in working between clubs, record labels, and bands. We work with some of the best talent in the area. If you’re looking for original music for your club or engagement, let us help you put on an incredible experience for your patrons.


Through the years, BNK Production has worked to raise money for a number of causes. Most recently on 9-11-2011 with a charity concert to raise money for Tuesday’s Children as a memorial of the 10th anniversary of the attacks on our country. Our Local Ladies of Music For The Cure event has raised thousands to help Komen CT find a cure for breast cancer. We’ve also worked with police departments/unions to help raise money for officers who have been killed in the line of duty. Typically BNK Productions will produce at least one charity event per year for their various causes. We also reduce our rates to help with others who need our services for an event where charity is involved.